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A simple CLI create-sst that helps you create your SST projects.


There's no need install this CLI. Just use it directly to create your projects.

With npx.

npx create-sst@latest

Or with npm 6+

npm init sst

Or with Yarn 0.25+

yarn create sst

This will create an app in the my-sst-app/ directory.


Pass in the following (optional) options.


Instead of the starters, this will list our examples if you'd like to copy one of them to try it out.

npx create-sst@latest --examples


Pass in the following (optional) arguments.


Specify a template instead of choosing from the interactive menu

npx create-sst@latest typescript-starter


Specify a destination directory instead of typing it into the interactive prompt

npx create-sst@latest typescript-starter my-sst-app

Note that extra -- when using npm init.