A simple CLI (create-serverless-stack) that helps you create your Serverless Stack projects.


There's no need install this CLI. Just use it directly to create your projects.

With npx.

npx create-serverless-stack@latest my-sst-app

Or with npm 6+

npm init serverless-stack@latest my-sst-app

Or with Yarn 0.25+

yarn create serverless-stack my-sst-app

This will create an app in the my-sst-app/ directory.


Pass in the following (optional) options.


The language of the project: javascript, typescript, python, or go. Defaults to javascript. For example:

npm init serverless-stack@latest my-sst-app -- --language typescript

Note that extra -- when using npm init.


Use Yarn instead of npm as the packager. Defaults to npm. For example:

yarn create serverless-stack my-sst-app --use-yarn