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The ApolloApi construct is a higher level CDK construct that makes it easy to create an Apollo Server with AWS Lambda. It provides a simple way to define the GraphQL handler route in your API. And allows you to configure the specific Lambda function if necessary. It also allows you to configure authorization, custom domains, etc.

The ApolloApi construct internally extends the Api construct.


new ApolloApi(scope: Construct, id: string, props: ApolloApiProps)



Using the minimal config

import { ApolloApi } from "@serverless-stack/resources";

new ApolloApi(this, "Api", {
server: "src/graphql.handler",

And here is an example of a simple handler defined in src/graphql.js.

import { ApolloServer, gql } from "apollo-server-lambda";

// Construct a schema, using GraphQL schema language
const typeDefs = gql`
type Query {
hello: String

// Provide resolver functions for your schema fields
const resolvers = {
Query: {
hello: () => "Hello world!",

const server = new ApolloServer({
playground: true, // Enable GraphQL playground

exports.handler = server.createHandler();

Configuring the Lambda function

You can configure the Lambda function used for the Apollo Server.

new ApolloApi(this, "Api", {
server: {
handler: "src/graphql.handler",
timeout: 10,
memorySize: 512,

Configuring the API

You can also configure the API with a custom domain, access log format, CORS settings, and authorization settings. For more detailed examples refer to the Api examples.

Configuring custom domains

new ApolloApi(this, "Api", {
customDomain: "",
server: "src/graphql.handler",

Configuring the access log format

Use a CSV format instead of default JSON format.

new ApolloApi(this, "Api", {
server: "src/graphql.handler",

Configuring CORS

Override the default behavior of allowing all methods, and only allow the GET method.

import { HttpMethod } from "@aws-cdk/aws-apigatewayv2";

new ApolloApi(this, "Api", {
cors: {
allowMethods: [HttpMethod.GET],
server: "src/graphql.handler",

Adding auth

You can secure your APIs (and other AWS resources) by setting the defaultAuthorizationType to AWS_IAM and using the Auth construct.

new ApolloApi(this, "Api", {
defaultAuthorizationType: ApiAuthorizationType.AWS_IAM,
server: "src/graphql.handler",

For more examples, refer to the Api examples.


An instance of ApolloApi contains the following properties in addition to the properties in the Api construct.


Type: Function

The instance of the internally created Function for the Apollo server.


Refer to the methods in the Api construct.


Takes the following construct props in addition to the ApiProps.


The routes option cannot be set in ApolloApi.


Type : FunctionDefinition

The function definition used to create the function for GraphQL handler.


Type : string, defaults to /

The URL path for the GraphQL endpoint.

By default, the endpoint will be accessible at /. By setting the rootPath to /custom, the endpoint will be accessible at /custom.